Hey Mike, what is this?

Started by BryanH, January 17, 2011, 05:03:05 AM

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Need a translator. ;)  It says "FT-86" in the text but they must simply be referencing that car, since this thing is definitely different.  It looks like a miniature S2000 in its proportions.  The styling is very strange though.

More pics:


Sorry it took me so long to reply to this :gap:

I just had my wife check it out and he is what's going on. This car is a concept created by Toyota and called the "T Sports".
The references to the FT-86 is that this is it's "little brother".

It is a combination of three different cars:
The front is from a "Kyami" which is a SUV (I can't find any info on a car called "Kyami" but that is what it says)
The main layout is from a Daihatsu Koppen
...and the rear section is from a Altezza

The talked about the achievement of transforming a SUV design/shape into a sports car (the front section). That's about it :blah:

I'd drive one :thumbs:



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