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Alright Mikey, I understand this thing can control the RPM that the T-VIS platers open, BUT, can it be programmed to vary the AFM siganl?? Opening the T-VIS 1,000 RPM early doesn't increase the power because the fuel and timing curves remain the same. Can the stamp trick the computer into changing the fuel and timing? Say at 3,500 RPM change the AFM signal by a certain percentage, and at the stock T-VIS opening(4,400 RPM), turn off and return to the stock parameters. Maybe work with the inlet air or water temp sensor? Change the timing with the NE signal?  Will it work with the signal voltage of the US spec ECU? Remember, the problem with the S-AFC is that our ECUs here work on a different voltage signal. I believe the JDM work on a 5v signal and ours work on a 9v signal. Just something to consider.

I think we need to use the Propeller chip:

Even the STAMP has too many limitations and I want to use something more powerful and the Propeller fits the bill.

These units can read both digital and analog signals that can easily be converted into many different types of output. Probably the best thing to do is debug the AFM while the engine is running and record some data to learn how the AFM works. Then we can start altering the signal using different variables, such as load, throttle, RPM, etcetera.

It will take some time to sit down and actually get involved with this.

Be nice to put the TVIS at any RPM we want, and adjust the fuel and timing to at least reduce the Blahs you get by opening it early. We tried to do this with an RPM switch I got through NOS systems. opened the TVIS at 3500 RPM. Made more noise  but kinda went flat. The AFM I'm sure reads the proper airflow, but the timing doesn't adjust accordingly. More air and fuel without the proper timing, blah. Do that and keep the stock management system? That would be marketable.


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