MK1 and MK2 MR2 Wind Tunnel Testing

Started by BigMike, March 27, 2010, 09:56:21 PM

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Hey guys,

Yesterday I picked up a Matchbox MK1 and a Hotwheels MK2 MR2 from BryanH. I am going to model each car into Solidworks and will perform various COSMOSFloWorks analysis on each.

Knowing that these toy cars are not a true scale replica, they will at least get me started after which I will take some measurements of the real 1:1 MR2s to finalize the dimensions.

This will allow me to analyze the exact size of my future air splitter, ideal location for the through-radiator-hood-vent, undercar trays, rear diffuser, ideal rear spoiler location, how to get the most airflow up through the engine compartment, etcetera.

This will be a very slow process because I have many other priorities to do (like school) and won't really get into this (I don't think) until sometime in June.

Here are the models :D Thanks for letting me borrow them Bryan!! :D


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