Please welcome my friend Thaddeous :)

Started by BigMike, July 21, 2011, 11:40:07 AM

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Hello guys,

I've been talking briefly about our team to my good friend and great customer to Marlin Crawler, Thaddeous from Santa Cruz.
So I'd like to welcome, Wermz to the forum and to our LeMons group!! :welcome:

I realize Wermz lives a bit far away, but I believe he is a great driver and he is more than willing to drive for our team if we cannot find any replacements soon. Of course he is more than welcomed to come over to the Fresno area for a work day on our race car too :yesnod:

Wermy, please post up a bit about your self, your experience in autocrossing, what cars you have owned, et cetera if you don't mind :wave: :thumbs:

Thanks man and glad to have ya around!!



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His nickname goes really good with our cars theme!!
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