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Mikey! Check out this little universal gem. The AEM EMS-4. I think it would be a better choice than the Microsquirt. The cost might be a little more, but the thing doesn't need anything extra to do the job, like an extra driver amplifier for a COP ignition. Probabaly has better tech support to boot. The Microsquirt would be about $700- $800 to get going, the EMS-4, between $1000 and $1200.

The MegaSquirt can be purchased as a kit for under $500 that is a direct plug'n'play with my stock ECU harness. But even my dyno guy was telling me that the resolution on the MS is a bit low, I think only every 250 rpm or every 500 rpm so I have no doubt that AEM would be better! But I like the idea of being able to simply unplug for smog, then just reconnect. Can the AEM do this also? :dunno:

No, just a universal set-up


Hey Bill, this is the thread I wanted you to see:


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