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Would anybody be interested in posting their times along a defined route? That way we can be all super dramatic and competitive and scream at each other like on initial D.

 I know Mike (big) knows some good roads, and I have a particular loop that I enjoy so maybe we could get some good spirited competition going on.

Ideas on how to get our times recorded?

Unless you want to meet up and time each other i think it will have to be on the honor system with stopwatches. Just stop the watch when you complete a run, the faster you grab the watch and stop it, the better. :yupyup:

My best time from my house to 168 is just under 11 minutes. I think it's around 13 1/2 miles. Averages about 73 MPH. Bone stock Tacoma. I'm sure the 3 can do better, but never tried to time it. That was at night with no traffic, mid spring.

Hey! This is a really great idea. We could just pick some starting point, could be a unique tree or a road marker, and then use a simple stop watch while you drive to another marker. If you encounter traffic, that's fine, just specify so, such as... "Bill: Sample Rd, 12:21 mins (got stuck behind a Grandma for 2:33)"

Or, better yet, if you have a GPS enabled smart phone, you can use the free Endomondo phone app to show our average & top speeds and everything.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This makes me want to get back out on the mountain roads!!


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