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1987 Corolla FX16. Gettin' it back on th' road. Little car has been sitting for about four years, let's see how it goes. First thing was to make sure the engine would still run. Check fluids, drop in a battery and turn the key. After a few seconds of cranking, the engine came to life. SWEET! It  runs! Now to fix the reason for parking it in the first place. Motor mounts were all broken and the shocks are dead.
The motor mounts are the first chore. Ordered, received and installed. Installed, but not without a few problems. First, the mount for the front of the engine was wrong. Not too bad to fix, as I simply had to change the bracket bolted to ther block. Had one the was right for the mount, done deal. Tranny hanger, no problems. Dropped the crossmember, bolted the new mounts to the brackets on the tranny, bolted the crossmember in place. Now I see why the mounts all broke together. The brackets on the trans were installed wrong! The front to the rear and so on. The entire powertrain is pushed forward about an inch! Reinstalled the mounts in the proper places and everything fit pefectly. Started the car to move it back to it's place in the driveway. What a difference! Right from the start I could hear a huge difference in the noise transferred to the chassis. I'd drivin this car for a few years this way, it was so noisy!.

Next on the agenda is the struts. I have a Ground Control spring set for the P.O.S. . Need to cut the top of the struts off and weld on the screwed strut tops from an MR2 I have laying around so I can install cartridges. The engine has a modded TB already, headers, intake, cams and things should be doing good. I'll get pics on the strut mods as they come to be. Have to learn to operate the wife's camera, washed mine in the ocean and can't do a thing with it.

By the way Mikey, this engine is the one I had in my MR2 when you had your ITBs!

I love the goats on the car!! haha


--- Quote from: Sirdeuce on March 10, 2012, 08:59:17 PM ---By the way Mikey, this engine is the one I had in my MR2 when you had your ITBs!

--- End quote ---

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The P.O.S. is now a white 1987 FX16 GTS. Arrived so far are the Whiteline sway bars and urethane bushings. In the process of installing them currently. Awaiting news on availability and price of coilovers, maybe BG from Great Britain, we'll see. Fall back on the Ground Control if I have to. Sorry Mike, no camera, no pics.


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