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This is interesting!


Nothing new really. Been done with an Eclipse, and the best I've seen was a Hyudai Tiburon. The Tiburon was turboed, burning alcohol. A real terror on the streets. Mentioned doing it with the FX16 to Mikey. Best way to do this is really with linked set of computers to maintain a balance between the engines. The trannys would need to be linked to a single shifter, already got that one hashed out. Cool thing about dual power is the ability to tune the engines to vary out put to control oversteer/understeer. Imagine having that kind of control! Probably need some sort of accelerometer type sensor to tell the computers where more or less power is needed. Tuning would be a nightmeare! But if you ever got it ironed out.............. Be a hell of a car!

I posted my FX16 for sale on the lemons forum, and the only interest came from one of this teams members.

I think you It's a very interesting page. I also need to see the review before. Before making any decision.


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