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Nissan Club of Fresno's 2nd Annual Mountain Run THIS SATURDAY


Click here for more info:

I am a Facebook member of the Nissan Club of Fresno (NCOF) and they are having their 2nd annual Mountain Run this Saturday.

I'd LOVE to go but I'll be up on the Dusy/Ershim tail instead.

Here are some videos. All cars are welcomed as you can see!

Video from last year's event:

And here is a Map of their planned route:

They are meeting in River Park at 2pm this Saturday afternoon and heading up Auberry Rd to Prather, then again on Auberry Rd through and up above Auberry city to the top of the 4 lanes, and then down Old Tollhouse where they will stop and have a BBQ afternoon dinner in Tollhouse.

Bill, you should do this!! Just go to Prather and wait for the convoy to arrive!!! :order:

Not sure if these pics will load here or not, but these are from the NCOF's Facebook page from last year:

I would like to have that silver 240.

So did anyone go to this event???

Not I. Thouhght about it, decided against it.


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