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I took these pictures when Bill, Bevin and myself went to the 2010 Arse-Freeze-Apalooza from two different AW11s that were on hand.

I just printed these pictures out and gave them to Rocky. He is going to look it over and get back to me with a quote.

Section 3.1 of the LeMons rule book states,

--- Quote ---Minimum tubing size for cars weighing under 3000 pounds as raced is 1.50" x .120" or 1.75" x .095"
--- End quote ---

So we can use 1-1/2" diameter or a thinner walled 1-3/4" diameter tubing. Also,

--- Quote ---DOM mild steel is very strongly recommended over ERW (seamed) tubing.
--- End quote ---

Seamed tubing is cheaper and for the same steel grade it is weaker, however I told Rocky we don't mind which way we go. He suggested using the DOM for the main hoops and the rest we'd use seamed tubing. This is a good idea that offer better protection at a reduced price.

Please bare in mind that this may cost us an easy grand to have him 1) build the cage and 2) install the cage....

He is going to get back to me with a quote.

Here are some example pictures from the silver AW11 we saw:

And here are example pictures from a black AW11 we saw.

This cage mainly differs in the following three ways:
1) It has a connecting bar running straight under the dash (tying both side hoops together).
2) It has boxed mounting points at the four corners (instead of a flat plate as used on the Silver car).
3) It has a passenger side impact bar (of smaller diameter). This bar is not required by the rule book but I think it's a great addition.

Not sure if mixing the seamless chromoly tubing with mild steel would be kosher. I would consider the lighter of the materials. The smaller diameter chromoly is about the same weight as the mild so it may be close.

I've heard of people mixing tubing like this for Rock Buggies, where they use DOM for the important and strength-required sections and then HREW for the rest.

We'll see how things look after Rocky gets back to me with a quote.

We could have him bend up and prepare all the pipes and then we could weld & install everything, this is a good option too that would cut the cost in half, if not more.


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