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Since 'safety' items are not included in the cost limit, let's get a trip to the wrecking yard set up. We need the calipers from an early 1990's Celica GT. The caliper piston is supposed to be 46mm as opposed to the stock 38mm(?).  They bolt right up to the stock mounts. The size differential will provide more baking force from less pedal pressure reducing driver fatigue. Might look into brake rotor diameter comparison as well. Would be nice to find a vented rotor compatable with the rear hub.

I was there today. They are having a half off sale through tomorrow. I did see a Celica but it was not a GT. I wasn't looking for Celica's so there is no reason why there couldn't be more out there

There is a white 1985 5-spd that is 90% stripped and a red-but-repainted-yellow 1987 automatic that is 20% stripped, but the car is a pile. The white car is in GREAT shape but most of everything is gone. It's one of the cleanest MR2s I've ever seen in a wrecking yard. The Yellow one has some funky fiberglass aftermarket body kit complete, and all parts are cracked or broken in half. It's some big nasty body kit, looks like crap, which is great for our project, but I think it will hurt performance for sure if we use it lol

I grabbed a rebuilt and very clean rack and pinion from the clean 1985 as well as it's gas tank with fuel pump. The gas tank + pump I got to give to you Bill, since you helped me out with a gas tank when I rebuilt my car :thumbs: The rack & pinion I got for my car, but I will first try to tighten up my rack and hopefully keep this rebuild one as a spare. It's in mint condition, brand new tie rod ends and boots, clean black paint and new zip ties, I couldn't pass it up!

As for a vented rotor compatible with the rear hub, the front stock vented rotors are compatible and so are the front calipers. The front rotors and calipers are still on the Yellow 1987 and the Half Off day sale continues tomorrow. I'd gladly go back to grab them-

Also, there is a AE92 GTS with the C56 transaxle intact. In fact, the entire engine is intact because some asshat crammed a radiator hose over the hood latch and then slammed the hood shut. It took me a good 5 mins to get the hood open and remove the hose. Idiots. So the motor is great, none have touched it yet. It's a Red Hat of course. So we could also grab the C56 at half price, but I don't want to do that big of a job by myself just for kicks, but half price is nice.

I also looked for a MAP EFI system, Geo Prism or Chevy Nova, I think?, but never saw any :down:


If you find a MAP ECU I have the harness. I bought it on ebay with an ECU. S'posed to be a MAP ECU but the idiot didn't have a clue. So I got a MAP harness with an AFM ECU. The ECU is a non T-ViS, AFM type, and uses 2 O2 sensors. Still an AFM style though. Not good for the dual throttle bodies.  When do you want to start on the adaptation for the dual bodies any way?

Thinking about it, we probably should just get the car running the way it is so we can get some seat time and practice in. We can start autocrossing it with stock parts and then work some magic into it later.

But I think for our application to LeMons, having two throttle bodies like that would appeal to the judges since its something out of the ordinary.

I got a chunk of aluminum plate, 1" thick for the adapter, and the rest of the stuff. Just need someone with the mill and welding gear.


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