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To tighten up the steering on an AE86 we would replace the power steering knuckles with non power steering knuckles. The steereing is quicker. Lock to lock is reduced. Make the car more like a go cart. Power steering....... The MR2 is pretty light in the front end, and steering is pretty easy as it is. But in the interest of reducing driver fatigue I have a thought of installing power steering. I can take the rack out of my black AE82, along with the pump and brackets. The lines would have to be fabbed, but that won't be too difficult. Just a thought.

Do you think fatigue will be that much of an issue? Once we're moving assist isn't needed so much. It's certainly something I have never thought about in my MR2 while driving on windy roads.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but the tradeoff of extra weight & parasitic loses would be a real drag

like I said, just a thought.

Buying the AW11 rack & pinion yesterday was cheaper because it isn't powered. So other thoughts are that a spare is cheaper and changing it in pits is easier because no fluid or lines to mess with- :driving: :burnout:


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