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Official Team Budget

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Here is the Official Team Budget. This will be edited as needed.

ItemEstimated Price4A Piston Rings~$28 (confirmed)Late model (higher compression) 4A Pistons~$65 (confirmed)Porsche 924 Timing BeltCalica GT Front Brake Calipers      $40?Cage Kit Built$300-$400 (estimated by BigMike, no official quote yet)Cage Kit Install Labor$400-$800 (estimated by BigMike, no official quote yet)Core C60 Transaxle$400?

Last updated 9/6/2012

Budget updated

pistons and rings Toyota or aftermarket? If aftermarket we just need the rings. Verify ring thickness as well, 1st compression is 1.2mm, second compression is 1.5mm, and oil control is 2.8mm, .5mm overbore. I have 2 sets of rings already, but, they are for the earlier pistons at 1.5, 1.5, 3.0. One tandard and one .5 over.  That supplier will never get my business again.

Does your supplier have a line on DBA ( Disc Brakes Australia)? I have these on the 3, and they do quite well. I like the theory behind them, makes sense. The rotors should be able to handle the rigors of trak life better than regular style discs. Look 'em up.

Those quotes are for aftermarket parts. I've heard of DBA but don't think we've ever seen them here. I'll have to check on it-


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