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I've driven my share of cars. Owned a few as well. Currently have a Corolla FX16 GTS and Mazdaspeed3. Both cars are an absolute kick to drive.But....... As a devout Toyota fanatic, I hate to offer praise to any but Toyota or bash a Toyota in any way. Too bad in this case. My wife and I took a Corolla 'S' on a trip to the SF Bay area this last weekend and the only definition I can come up with for the 'S' is sleepy, snooze, subdued, snore and so on. A manual trans may have helped, but I think not. The suspension is not as good as the suspension in my '73 Celica, more akin to an American luxury car(boat on the water).  The absence of any noise from the engine can lull you into a coma on a trip of any length. Steering feedback is like an American luxury car, none. After a trip into town I have to take a nap, it's that boring. What happened Toyota?? Did you lose a bet with Nissan or Honda? Get back to what you once were and stop disappointing. If the Corolla has turned into this traquilizer, and is any indication of Toyota's current idea of of , I think I'll pass on the Scion FR-S.

Goooooooooooooooo Toyota S options!!!!!!!!!

Wait, pass on the Scion FR-S? You can't say this until you go test drive one! I mean, just look at this!!

Just making a crack on the lacluster 'performance' of the Corolla S.

Whatever, the newer Corolla's are a true performance-bred and performance-oriented all-out bar-none sports car


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