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Bill shared this with me and I am highly interested!

I haven't read all the info yet, but it looks to be a weekend event, about $150 each day (Sat and/or Sun), and you simply show up with your car and do some hot laps on different tracks throughout California.

This sounds pretty good to me since 1) I already have a car that runs and 2) I've always wanted to get my car to a track :hyper:

Here is some quick info


* Unlimited AWD
* Unlimited RWD (FR,MR,RR)
* Unlimited FF
* Limited AWD
* Limited RWD (FR,MR,RR)
* Limited FF
* Street AWD
* Street RWD (FR,MR,RR)
* Street FF
Tracks and Schedule:

* Round 1: REGISTRATION OPEN February 16/17 - Buttonwillow Raceway (near Bakersfield, CA)
* Round 2: March 16/17 - Willow Springs International Raceway (near Lancaster, CA)
* Round 3: May 4/5 - Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (near Desert Center, CA)
* Round 4: June 15/16 - Willow Springs International Raceway
* Round 5: July  20/21-  ButtonWillow Raceway #2
* Round 6: September 14/15 - Auto Club Speedway Sports Car Roval Course (near Fontana, CA)
* Round 7: October 12/13 - Willow Springs International Raceway #2
* Round 8: November 23/24 - Auto Club Speedway Sports Car Roval Course #2
Registration Prices:

* Unlimited Class $300 per entry
* Limited Class $300 per entry
* Street Class $150 per entry
I know Bill would like to join me, Mike, how about you and your new MR2? First event is Feb 16-17 :driving:

I heard about this and got all kinds of excited! I could run my FX16, after I get the suspension done. I thought Big Mike would be able to run his
 S/C AW11, but after reading the rules I have doughts he can run without adding a cage. Mikey listed the classes, but missed the beginner class labeled 'enthusiast" Basically a complete, stock car with few mods allowed.  I think Mike's MR2 needs to be N/A as it was not available S/C. Possibly if it was available as S/C in Japan in 1987. Need clarification on that rule. I'm going to try to at least go observe on saturday.

2013 Rules here: 2013RedlineTimeAttackRulesV3D1.9.pdf (PDF file)

Rule 16-1:

--- Quote ---16-1.1 Engine must be OEM for particular make and model. No Engine swaps. Engine replacement is allowed ONLY from OEM engine from original make and model. Japan/European engine replacement is allowed as OEM factory trim. Drive wheel configuration changes are not permitted.
--- End quote ---

...and according to Wikipedia,

--- Quote ---1987
Supercharged model introduced in Japan
--- End quote ---

So I think I'm good! :driving: Doesn't the JDM first gen GZE have a distributor? If so then for sure I'm good.

It does seem like a strange exclusion. This means that a bunch of JDM Type-R VTEC swaps are legal too which makes it pretty unfair for anyone using USDM counterparts. At least my "JDM part" is equivalent to USDM since it is USDM.

Ahhhhh but I will violate rule 16-1.2...

--- Quote ---16-1.2 Vehicles using factory OEM forced induction must use the following OEM stock components in unmodified form: Intake manifold, Injectors, camshaft(s), cylinder head(s), rods, crankshaft, exhaust manifold, entire turbo assembly, entire supercharger assembly.
--- End quote --- I plan to not only run a smaller SC pulley but also switch to my SC14. The other mods I have planned will comply with rule 16-1.3...

--- Quote ---16-1.3 Vehicles using factory OEM forced air induction may change or modify the following: Air filter, intake plumbing, intercooler, MAF/MAP sensors, throttle body(s), down pipes, cross pipes, exhaust system.
--- End quote --- I will be using a 3S-GTE throttle body with redesigned intake plumbing.

So I could run stock boost but with the larger throttle body and improved intake plumbing, which should yield 155~160 wheel horsepower (remember I already hit 150 WHP here).

What I need to decide is...
Build my car to be on the high end of the "Enthusiasts Class" (I think very few "Enthusiasts Class" cars will beat me on paper if I am 160 WHP, 2250 lb light, great handling characteristics and a 6 speed to boot).
Build my car to be in the mid to lower end of the "Street Class" (I'd have my SC14 @ ~ 14 psi which should be another 30-40 HP & TQ) but be more challenged = more fun!

Since I mentioned my 6 speed, rule 16-1.11:

--- Quote ---16-1.11 Transmission internal components may be replaced with OEM or aftermarket components. The gear ratios may not be changed and the type of gear and engagement must remain as OE designed.
--- End quote ---

So it seems my OEM 6-speed is allowed (as both the gears and the gear ratios are indeed made by the original equipment manufacture), but this may pose another gray area if I try to stay in the Enthusiasts Class.

Bill, what are your thoughts with the FX16? Gonna build it for Enthusiasts of Street class?


--- Quote ---16-4.2 All vehicles must use the OEM front and rear shock towers in the OEM locations.

16-4.3 The shock tower may be modified only to allow the installation of camber/caster plates and only such as required to obtain the necessary camber and caster.
--- End quote ---

My custom DIY camber modifications may disqualify me here. I can clean it up and fill in the elongated holes to make it appear stock but the rule says only "as required" to obtain the "necessary" camber. I didn't mod my towers out of necessity.

I do see however that rule 16-6.1 allows modifications to OEM control arms "for increased camber". So they aren't against increased camber, just may be against the unorthodoxed way I went about achieving mine.


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