Redline Time Attack Annual Track Events

Started by BigMike, January 03, 2013, 09:02:29 AM

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Quote from: BigMike on January 04, 2013, 06:09:10 PM
No discouragement taken, but I do need to be more humble, I always get carried away thinking about finally getting to a track!

The tire requirements for the Enthusiasts class is DOT, no lower than 140 tread wear and the drive tires may be no wider than 285mm (for 2WD) or 255mm wide for AWD.

Was the CR available for the AP2? If so then its likely he had more torque which would be a huge aid. Also some engine mods are allowed, mainly external, so its highly likely he is putting down more power than stock.

Nothing wrong with getting excited about going to the track!  I just wanted to let you know what you could go up against.  I don't know about Time Attacks but at track days the driver skill makes more of a difference. Maybe there are more casual/newbie types at track days than Time Attacks.  No idea, just a hunch. 

The AP2 is the only CR. With a few choice mods these cars fly.  The S2000 in any form is a popular track weapon. 

There are a lot of track days out here.  Have you seen this list?  It's maintained by a local Corvette autocrosser:

Buttonwillow is a good first track.  So is SOWS but I think BW is more fun (and closer).  I avoided doing tracks with walls when I started - I didn't want to wad up my only car.  So Laguna Seca and Sears Point were out.  I tended to average one "off" per track day as I was pushing the limits.  At Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, and Thunderhill, there's just dirt off track so as long as you go off straight you'll be fine.  Going off sideways you could dig into the dirt and roll.  Always go off straight, even if it means taking a long trip through the scenery!

Three CA tracks I haven't driven on: the big course at Willow Springs, Chuckwalla, and California Speedway.