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Reading on to section 17 Street Class....

17-1.3 says transmission upgrades are allowed within the same vehicle brand. Because this rule exists, there is a good chance that my 6 speed will not pass section 16-1.11 as discussed above, so I think I am out of the Enthusiasts class already. Otherwise why would they bother listing this rule if it was already allowed in a lower class?

Whew, they allow all sorts of engine upgrades: different intake manifold, larger injectors, cams, different or upgraded head(s), rods, cranks... It also allows engine swaps from within the same model. So someone could enter a 400 HP MK1.5 (pumped up 3S-GTE 1st gen MR2). :o

Ah, I now see there is a 36mm intake restrictor requirement if one were to install some massive turbo.


--- Quote from: BigMike on January 04, 2013, 05:00:26 PM ---Ah, I now see there is a 36mm intake restrictor requirement if one were to install some massive turbo.

--- End quote ---
Wait! What the heck does this mean?? My stock, tiny, GZE throttle body is 50mm and the 3S-GTE TB I plan to upgrade to is 55mm. This can't be right. What engine larger than 1.5-liters uses a 36mm stock throttle body?!

Edit: Ahhhhh okay, rule 17-1.15 is for Aftermarket turbo/supercharger upgrades, or non OEM turbo or supercharged systems. Regardless if I choose SC12 or SC14, this won't apply to me as both are either beforemarket and/or OEM.
But any other OEM type Turbo or SC application may install a larger compressor so long as its OEM. Okay, so the idea of a 400 HP 3S-GTE is out the window in this class thank goodness :rofl:

Edit 2: ACK! Look:

--- Quote ---17-4.3 The shock tower may be modified only to allow the installation of camber/caster plates and only such as required to obtain the necessary camber and caster.
--- End quote ---
I violate the same rule that applies also to the Street class! :thud:

Edit 3: Why this?

--- Quote ---17-5.5 OEM steering wheel must remain installed unless a race seat and race harness are installed meeting safety rules as listed......blah blah blah
--- End quote ---
So I can't even use my Grant steering wheel?!?!

Edit 4:
For both Enthusiast and Street classes, an interior roll cage is only "highly recommended". So we don't need one :booya: Moreover, the next class up, Modified Class, does not require one. They only specifically require a cage for the highest class, the Unlimited Class.

Edit 5: Ok I've read most of the rules now. Forced injection cars entered for the Enthusiasts class may not change their camshafts. To this day I've still yet to check what cams my engine has. I'll be sure to check this.

In closing, the proposed changes I have in mind for my engine will not be finished in time for the Feb 16/17 race. The next race that isn't a long drive away won't be until July 20/21. So I think I'll just clean things up (I need to replace my windshield which has developed a nice long crack) and enter the Enthusiast Class for Feb 16/17 (pending ruling on my camber mods and 6 speed). Then I'll upgrade to my SC14 and enter the Street class in July :thumbs:

Looks like I'll be holding off on the TRD header since that will violate rule 16-1.2.

I am going to post on their Facebook page to see about my 6 speed and camber mods.

Here is the winner from last year's Enthusiasts Class. It is a S2000 Club Racer:;version=3&amp;rel=0

Thinking to myself out loud, I raced a stock AP1 S2000 on the freeway downhill from 80 to 110 MPH with my stock air filter (so limited to 142 WHP) and by 110 I had only lost half a car length. Yes they have a great top end but for corner to corner my torque band should run circles around a stock S2000. (I certainly admit I have NO track experience) Moreover, I am pretty sure I can pick up another 15-20 HP & TQ through additional class-legal intake modifications and lighten my car another 50-75 pounds come race day. :eyebrow: I'm just saying that I feel confident to be in the 90-percentile of the Enthusiasts class on paper. Driving skill on a track remains to be seen.

There could be a MR Evo entered in the Enthusiasts class, which will clean my clock pretty good in most aspects I'm sure. For that matter, a ZR1 Corvette or Nissan GTR could be entered. I did see a maximum tire width of 285mm. Not sure what the ZR1 uses. But at least it was a S2000 that one last year. Will be interesting to see what cars show up!

Edit: ZR1 runs 335mm wide rear tires, GTR runs 255mm. Stock C6 Vettes I think run 285mm.

I've wanted to do a Time Attack event for a while now.  They look interesting although I really don't know a lot of details about how they're run.  It's not racing, it's a timed competition, so I'm guessing they have open practice Saturday and then each driver goes out for a "qualifying" run to set their best time, then times are ranked.  Sound about right? 

I haven't read the rules but it sounds complicated from what you posted.

I know the faster, high profile cars (Unlimited classes?) are serious racing machines.  S2000s, EVOs, NSXs, Corvettes, all big cars with big power and big wings.  Big budget shops will come up from LA to run.

If you just want to get out on track there's always a track day where you can run anything that's safe, build the car the way you want.  It's not timed and passing is only allowed on straights initially but it's a good way to get experience on track.  With in-car video you can time your laps at home after the fact, or spend a bit more for data acquisition or a HotLap Timer (not sure if tracks still have beacons for those) to check your times at the event.

Expect your brake budget to go up. :)

Ok, so that white S2000 CR ran a 2:02.7.  For reference, I ran a 2:06.0 in my 2004 S2000 (completely stock pretty much down to the tires).  The CR has factory aero and I can see that white one has suspension mods, wide light wheels and wide tires.  What kind of tires can you run in Enthusiast class? 

I'm not trying to discourage you by any means!  But I think you will find modern cars to be [TheArchitect]exceedingly efficient[/TheArchitect] at getting around a race track.  They do everything well and are easier to drive. 


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