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My 6-speed conversion is finished and can be read about beginning at Reply #207 of this thread.

The 6-speed C6X transaxle is offered in the following two flavors:

1st2nd3rd4th5th6threvFinalApplicationC60   3.166   2.050   1.481   1.166   0.916   0.725   3.250   4.529   Matrix XRS and Vibe GTC603.1662.0501.4811.1660.9160.8153.2504.529Celica GT-S and Lotus Elise
As you can see the Celica and Elise both use a C60 version having a 12.5% lower 6th gear compared to the Matrix and Vibe's C60.

For reference, here are some other transaxles to compare with:

1st2nd3rd4th5th6threvFinalApplicationC52   3.166   1.904   1.310   0.969   0.815   3.250   3.722   93-97 Corolla with 7A-FEC523.1661.9041.3100.9690.8153.2504.312AW11C563.1661.9041.3921.0310.8153.2504.312Corolla AE89 Close Range 3-4C593.1661.9041.3100.9690.8153.2504.058Matrix 1ZZ-FEE513.2301.9131.2580.9180.7313.5834.285AW11 SuperchargedC1603.1662.0501.4811.1660.9160.7253.2504.529AE111 20-valve
Interesting, the Pontiac Vibe & Toyota Matrix 6-spds share the same gear ratios as the 20-valve AE111 6-speed.

Also, there are different Final Drive ratios to choose from as well. Final drive ratios between C5X series are only interchangeable with C16X series transaxles. Unfortunately a C5X final drive will not mate with the C60 gear set. The C60 final drive must be used.

The best setup would be to get the 20-valve 6-speed and choose which C5X final drive to run.
Available C5X final drives are 3.526, 3.722, 3.941, 4.058, 4.312, and 4.529. The 3.7 & 4.3 are domestically available, the rest are only JDM and/or European.

Below is an attached Excel spread sheet Tire Size vs. Engine RPM Speed calculator to play with. It is quite nice. :D

But of course acquiring a C160 is much more expensive and more difficult to get than the C60, which is available state-side. So on to the C60 then!

Here are some pictures:

Here is the C60 (the cleaner one) compared to a C56:

Look at how much larger the webbing on the C60 is:

Compared to the C56:

Top view of the C60 webbing:

Top view of the C56 webbing:

Here is how to identify a C60 from a C56 based on the 5th/6th gear housing.
Here is the C56:

And here is the C60

So what does all this mean? To get the C60 installed behind your 4A, all you have to do is swap the C60 internals into your C5X, swap 5th/6th housing, and modify the shift linkages (if using in a MR2 and wa-la! 6-speed to go!

Here is a C52 6-speed Hybrid for use in a MR2:

Here you can see the MR2 C52 bellhousing and center housing attached to a C60 5th/6th housing using C60 internal gear and final drive set:

4.3 final is good. If needed, we can change that outside of the tranny with lower profile tires. 225 45 16? 7" wide rims.

That tire would be much larger than the stock tires. FYI 205x16x40 & 205x15x50 are close in size to the 185x14x60.

Tire SizeCircumference    % Change    MPH, 6th gear, 3.5k RPM185x60x14    71.44"72.1205x50x1572.48"+1.38%73.2205x40x1670.55"-1.26%71.2225x45x1675.31"+5.13%76.0


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