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So when are we all going to the yard? i can really only go on sundays.

Ditto on the Sundays with me too. I'll call some yards up tomorrow & see if they will tell me when some upcoming 1/2-off days are.

Let's start a list right now:

Extra front sway bar
Rear sway bar if we can find an '85 MR2
Throttle cable
Extra rubber brake hoses
Extra rubber clutch hose
Extra shifter cables

Coil springs?

If it's half off day, I'll buy two C50s or C52s to use for the 6spd conversion for the LeMons car and my own car.

Brake lines fall into the "safety" parts category in the LeMons site. So I think we could use steel braid lines. I don't know if I can fit a trip into my busy schedule though. I mean really, I'm so busy doing nothing, but I'll see if I can make some space available between rounds of Bejeweled.

bill already has an extra front sway,at least i think its the front?


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