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I think it's a rear bar.


--- Quote from: Sirdeuce on April 11, 2010, 12:01:11 AM ---I think it's a rear bar.
--- End quote ---

If so that's great because the rear 1985-only bar is a rare find. I was going to say that if we can't find one, then we can take the one off the back of my car for the event.

So are you and Big-K going to the wrecking yard tomorrow?

looking at a possible trip toi the yard. Anybody game for a field trip? Be looking at wheels and a few small parts. Possibly side skirts and a front dam if I can't get this one in a decent shape. Maybe a few of the reinforcement pieces to the various plastic pieces in the bumpers.

I need some parts for my own car so I am definitely interested. When were you gonna go? I can go next Mon or Tues after 4pm, or on Tues or Thurs from 9am-2pm.

A.M. hours are best. I think they close around 4:00.


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