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Here are some pictures form Team Eyesore. They had an Alice in Wonderland theme and also a Batman theme

It also looks like they added a turbo in the last two pics

1st pic: Team Italian Stallions Fiat X1/9 team cooked up some meatball sandwiches for everyone.

2nd pic: Team Mad Maxeltov with their post-apocalypse Australian Hasidim drive Ford Capris.

3rd pic: A VW team with a LeMons Judges theme! Yes, they are dressed like yours truly and Judge Jonny.

4th and 5th pic: The Team SchitroŽn Air Prance Citroen DS

6th pic: Get this: A team bribed the judges by DONATING THIS FORD TEMPO FOR FREE to them as a "Judgemobile" HOLY CRAP

I have some 3" cardboard tubes. We could cut them to equal length, paint them red, stencil the word 'BOOM' on them. Strap them to the car and run wires to the tops of each of them. The  team could be the Mad Suicide Bombers and the car would be an IED. It would be good incentive for the other teams to keep their distance!


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