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Hey Bill, I think we shouldn't be coy about our engine

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Look at what other teams are doing...

This is a list of engine swaps at the Sears Pointless BS Inspection this year:

RX-7 with a Ford 302

Toyota pickup with a Chevy small-block

Volvo 244 with a Chevy 350

Jaguar XJ6 with a Chevy 350

E30 with a Ford 302

Ford 302-powered "V8olvo"

Porsche 944 with 928 engine swap

If we built a sweet 4A-GE with a ton of internal goodies and make the engine look dirty and ugly then we will walk out like bandits from the looks of things. People are trying to bend all kinds of rules.

We'll have a lil 4cyl that is dirty and greasy with some fake oil leaks. It shouldn't be hard to walk away with cams, my VVT gear, flywheel, 6spd trans, crank scrapper, baffled oil pan, light weight internals, etcetera

even the microsquirt dyno tuned and stashed into the Toyota ECU case should be easy to get away with.

That is a swapped FORD V8 into a RX-7 with MAZADA written on the valve covers. I MEAN COME AWN!!

From Wikipedia:

Ford 302 V8
The most common form of this engine used a two-barrel carburetor, initially with 9.5:1 compression. It had hydraulic lifters and valves of 1.773 in (45 mm) (intake) and 1.442 in (36.6 mm) (exhaust), and was rated (SAE gross) at 220 hp (164 kW) @ 4600 rpm and 300 lbft (407 Nm) @ 2600 rpm. Optional was a four-barrel version rated at 250 hp (186 kW) @ 4800 rpm.

Mazada RX-7
FB stock weight: 2300 lbs
FC stock weight: 2600 lbs

So we are gonna compete against 250 HP 2300 lb cars? DANG. I'm going to find out how many laps they got penalized...

hahahah i just noticed this:

How many valves does that SR20DE engine have? LOL


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