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Results from Sears Pointless Race this past March

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Here are the top 50 results

The Eyesore Racing team's car is a turbo charged Miata and they work at a Dyno shop.

Here is a pic of their "garage". I am quite sure they know what they are doing!

A bunch more of their photos here:


pics of their engine with turbo

That thing has gotta be under 2000 pounds, right?

I found the website to the 4th place team and their MR2. It is a 1st gen AW11

Check out their website: http://lilsmokeyracing.com

The link to the Craigs list ad is a PDF file, which means they could have easily created that ad.
I dare you to click on the "More important details" link. That is a good way to get good favor with the judges ;D

The poster from their website:


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