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Fuel Tank Considerations

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According to Google Earth and the projected Buttonwillow LeMons track, the short version is about 2 miles per lap and the long version is about 2.7 miles per lap.

Consider the following data:

Fuel Tank     |  Average MPG  |  # Short Laps per tank  |  # Long Laps per tankStock, 9gal522169gal + 5gal53526.Stock, 9gal836269gal + 5gal85641.Stock, 9gal1045339gal + 5gal107051.Stock, 9gal12.556419gal + 5gal12.58764.Stock, 9gal1567509gal + 5gal1510577
From a previous Buttonwillow LeMons event, the winner's average lap time was 2:50mins completing 281 laps total. I am not sure which track version this was raced on. Here is the data:

Fuel Tank     |  Average MPG  |  Hours Per Tank if Short Laps  | Hours Per Tank if Long LapsStock, 9gal51.070.799gal + 5gal51.661.23.Stock, 9gal81.71.269gal + 5gal82.651.96.Stock, 9gal102.131.589gal + 5gal103.312.45.Stock, 9gal12.52.661.979gal + 5gal12.54.143.07.Stock, 9gal153.22.379gal + 5gal154.973.68.

edit: Additional calculation of this data shows that the 1st place car either averaged 42 MPH (if they raced the short track) or he averaged 57 MPH (if long track). Hey Bryan! What was your lap time again in the MR2 on Buttonwillow for the full length track?

Before I made these calculations, I was thinking that we could add a small 5-gallon fuel tank to the front trunk. 5 gal of fuel only weighs 31 pounds, so with a tank, pump, and 1 line to the main tank, it wouldn't be more than 40 lbs max.

But after looking at the data, even if we average only 5 miles per gallon, in the worst case scenario we will get 48 mins out on the track per tank of gas. If we make 10 MPG, then this worst case will still get us a whopping 1 hour and 35 mins on the track without needing to pit.

I agree with what Bryan said at the 2nd meeting that we need to consider how long each driver can even stay on the track at a time. Is 1 hr 30 min segments inbetween pits too long? What do you guys think?

If we transplant the 4A-GE into my car, then lets only put in 3 or 4 gallons and run it super super hard continuously until it runs out of gas, and then see what the average MPG is. At least this would give us a ball-park figure, plus my car is heavier than our LeMons car which would only help the cause.

interesting subject. we need to ask brian how long each track session was that he drove and how he felt after. thats the only knowledge we will have in advance. this is all a big unknown until we go do it.

put 4 gallons in the mr2 and drive it up tollhouse with a chase vehicle and see how long it takes to run out.
but tollhouse isnt long enough.


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