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Ebay LED lights from China


Been playing with these light strips for a bit now. I bought a bunch of 5 meter strips on ebay and I really like them. First, I use a 1 meter strip on a battery with a solar charger. Lights my living room as well as a 100w incandescent bulb. Pretty good for a semiconductor! On to the lighting in my cars.
I used 2 30 led 'festoon' sets in the dome light in my FX. The old light shed barely enough light to find a Mountain Dew on the floorboard. The LED lights
are bright! Bright enough to see the sand in the rug! So I used the strip lights, cut into sections 3 leds long and made my own 'festoon'. Installed into the cargo light next to the hatch in the FX. See how that goes tonight. The light that was there barely glowed anyway. The oil dipstick is usually hard to see in these cars, even in the daylight. Now I have led lighting to help me there. The FX is going to be a Christmas tree by the time I get done with it.

Interior light for the MR2. The dome light in my MR2 was weak. Barely produced enough light  to see the seats at night. Culprit was a bad ground. only 7 volts through the ground, but a full 12v from the positive wire to a chassis ground. Cut and soldered some strip lights together and fixed the ground problem best I could without tearing into my interior and now the light is bright enough to read with! Oh, I used blue leds this time. I but blue leds in the key/door ajar light as well. Next, oil dipstick light!



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