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Started by codel529, May 21, 2012, 09:41:06 AM

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Ive looked all over the internet for answers with no luck.  My wife has a 2005 toyota matrix manual 5spd with the c59 trans it.  It blew up and I need to swap.  Found a guy with a trans out of a 2003 mr2.  He says its the same trans and will bolt right up.  From the pics it looks the same but the linkage is different on the trans. 

So my question is- Is it as simple as removing the four bolts on the square flange and the big bolt on the top of the trans and slide the linkage out and slide the one off the matrix trans back in and bolting it back together?  I dont want to spend the money if it will not work.  The guy with the trans for sale says it will come right out but I dont want to just take his word for it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The MR2 Spyder should come with a C56.  I don't have any practical experience with these transmissions, but these links may help you:


Thanks bryan

Ive already looked at these websites before and they really dont answer my question.  As I said earlier both trans seem to be identical with the exception of the linkage on the trans.  I just need someone to give me a run down of how to switch the linkage and if its even possible for that matter.  Thank you for trying to help though.



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Not sure if you've already found your answer but swapping the linkage is not an easy task unless you've done it before. The most difficult part is finding a custom-made drill bit that can keep the proper bore ID for the shift rail seal. Otherwise it will leak continuously (like what mine is doing).

Because the MR2 has the engine behind the cabin, and the Matrix in front, the shift linkages are on the flip-side of each transaxle.

I advise instead to find a Matrix-native C60. It is a six speed version from the XRS model and will be a direct swap. The 6-speed C60 from the Corolla is preferred over the 6-speed C60 out of the Celica GTS / Lotus Elise/Exige because the Matrix C60 has a 0.725:1 6th gear instead of the shorter 0.815:1 6th gear in the Celica/Lotus. Take a look at the ratios and discussion posted here:

I don't have personal experience with converting from a C59 to the C60, but if it isn't a 100% direct swap than you can be guaranteed there are parts that make it swappable by using XRS axle shafts and/or hubs (and/or brakes in the absolutely worst scenario). Your 1ZZ has the same bellhousing bolt pattern as the XRS's 2ZZ engine.

With the 6-speed, you'll have better acceleration 1-5th gears and the taller 6th gear ratio will yield better fuel economy on the open road. :twocents:



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