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Started by yoshimitsuspeed, November 28, 2014, 08:46:16 PM

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Guessing most of you have seen this stuff on the big boards but I thought I'd throw it up here in case anyone hadn't.
My rear tie rods are finally out. I can't help noticing this is under the Marlincrawler website. If any of you are wheelers or offroaders you may recognize the inner joints on these rear tie rods. If not you will be glad to hear that they are used on crawlers and desert racing trucks. They are way overkill but one of the only metric joints I could find that would work. Yes I am very particular about trying to keep all metric components on metric cars.
I have also tested my tie rods to about 30% more force than the strongest stock tie rod I tested. The tie rod didn't yield. There was no permanent deformation.

I am also getting my own crank ladders made.


At what level would the ladders be necessary? RPM or power output level. And a curiosity on the ladders. Are they machined flat on the cap side or slightly 'convex' to preload the cap center?  I saw your tie rods on MR2OC and would be interested down the road a bit, once I start working on my 2.
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They are flat. I thought about doing a bit of a convex but I do not believe it's necessary and may actually change the shape of the journal just a little.
If you are going to go much over 8k RPM they would be a good idea. Same if you were doing a big power boosted build.