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Hello, my name is Colston and im from Visalia. i drive an 88' MR2 with 70k miles on it - NA Bone stock. it sat in some guys garage for close to 15 years with nothing but a broken starter. just to introduce myself I am 19 and part of a Lemons team called the California High Speed Fail, we only raced the button willow turrible in august for 8 and a half hours till we snapped a piston and it went off like a bomb. we are now on our third engine and it hasnt left the drive way since then  :willynilly: Nothing but bad luck with the 88 IRoc and used engines. I am in the middle of NASA's HPDE #3 and will be for a while because i am flat broke. i do have full equipment (suit, helmet, ect.).

The ol MR2 is my third car, i had an 85' celica GT-5 with 290k miles on it before i t-boned a 70s Lincoln (aka, a brick wall), and an NA 88' 13b fc RX-7 with 270k miles on it (rebuilt) that i tracked for HPDE 1 and 2, just sold it. I ran into this forum through a friend - john loveall- at a church event who gave me a link. nice to meet you guys!

Hello Colston!! Very nice looking MR2! Yes BirdDog told me about you and I am eager to meet more MR2 friends in the Fresno area. That '88 appears to be Very clean!! My '87 just rolled over 300,000 miles and she is still going strong :greengrin:

Awesome that you've done LeMons. I don't think I read it, but what car did you guys build/race?

Wow NASA HPDE at 19 yrs old that is pretty cool man. I'm in my early 30s and this spring I'm planning to be on a track for the first time in my life (March 21/22, Thunderhill Raceway with my MR2). I've done my share of autocrossing but in my 16 years of owning my MR2 I've never been to a track. That's all going to change in 2015!!

I'll be in Tulare for a 4WD club meeting next, next Tues, Feb 3 with my MR2 from 6:30p ~ 8:30p. Would be need to meet up.

Thanks for looking us up and joining our forum. I like the black stripe down your MR2 and the two tone paint. I've always been a fan of two tone and my Rock Crawler (see my signature) is also two tone :thumbs:

Cya around and looking forward to meet'n ya someday :wave:


I raced the California High Speed Fail at button willow turrible. it has been a full time job keeping the car running, so we have not gotten a chance to really work on the cosmetics or the theme yet.

 I have really been having trouble the last few weeks with my MR2. It started sputtering and i lost all acceleration a few weeks back. After a few hours of trial and error, i found that the honey comb in my catalytic converter had broken apart and a chunk of it was wedged sideways blocking my exhaust. the back pressure was popping hoses and screwing with my fuel injection. I took it off and cleaned it all out (i made 100% sure it was clear) and it ran fine for a week or so. but now the sputtering is back, im leaking oil, and i am getting hard jumps and jerks on acceleration. I think i may have something lodged in my exhaust from when the cat first broke, and i think my tps or egr is bad or on its way there quickly. i love these cars, and because of that my patience is more lasting than with our chevy POS, but for only 70k miles - i think i am just on a streak of bad luck.

Oh my goodness, there was so much wrong with this car, but all small things. TPS was out of wack, distributor cap and rotor were corroded p.o.s's, catalytic converter and exhaust were both a box of Legos, oil cap was cracked, and a small puddle of water found its way under the aftermarket wires to cut spark from piston 3 and 4 after heating up. Runs good now, lets see how long i can keep it that way.

Hey Colston,

Glad to hear your car is running better.......a year ago :gap: How is it doing since your last report? :wave:


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