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New 2 to play with. 1987 sunroof. Let's see if I can concentrate on this 1 car.

So far I've replaced the steering column, lower shaft had bad play, and cruise control switch, and the seats. Put my clear front turn lenses. Little car had 2 different keys, so I'm going to put in the matched set from a donor. Next planned project is the suspension. I have urethane bushings, sway bars and struts from a previous car to go in this one. The struts will be my Ground Control/Koni 350lb f, 600lbr spring set with T3 camber plates. Hopefully funds become available soon for a quick steer rack set. Engine feels good, but the trans has a whine in 1st gear and during decel. Time to modify one of the C56s I have in storage.


On with the plans and related parts.
I have my struts out of a previous car. Need to clean them up and do a few little things. The GC springs came with a sleeve that was a tad short, so at the highest setting the car was 2 1/2" lower than stock. Either I need to use a weld on perch or get a longer sleeve. I was using a urethane bushing to gat a bit more height. The bushing did well enough though.
Pic 1 the struts as they are now
pic 2 the sleeves can be about an inch longer
pic 3 the urethane bushing, strut bushing from a VW Cabriolet, 1987.

And for the new parts! I decided to give these a shot. T3, Techno Toy Tuning camber plates. The plates look pretty good! Then they had an offering of some upper perches that have thrust bearings to reduce the friction when turning. seems like a good concept, let's see how they do.
pic 1 camber plates
pic 2 the upper perches. 1 set has been 'exploded' to show the various parts. the washer closest the perch goes into the perch as a load bearing surface, it's harder than the aluminum. Then the thrust bearing and upper washer.


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