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My latest '87 AW


Pics would be nice, I know, but just a note here.
Silver MR2
I've installed my GC/Koni struts with TTT camber plates. Matrix Garage rear tie rods and TTT front strut rods, urethane bushings throughout.
Steering rack was rebuilt with Quaife quick steer rack. I'll be taking it for an alignment later this week.
I did a "Plumbly" mod on the rear wing. I'm in the process of putting LEDs in the rear visor to act as a third brake light. I have an "Extreme Dimensions" front bumper cover for future installation.
Engine is going to be a 7AGE, currently in the shop for balancing and boring. More details later.

Note on the 'Plmbley' wing; removing the 3rd brakelight looks awesome! Really my favorite thing about it.


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