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It looks like that would be a TC05-12A.
It looks like a small turbo. I would guess quite small. That would be great for spool but I have no idea what kind of power potential it has.
I would be hesitant to run this turbo for the same reasons as the SC12. It does not look like they are very common. It looks like they have several different flange options. The problem is if you buy a mani and downpipe for this turbo and then blow it up and can't find another one or if you wanted to upgrade you wouldn't have any bolt on options.
Used turbos are so cheap I would buy one that is common and readily available. Or spend the extra on a new turbo that should last forever and would still be replaceable in the future.
A nissan T25 would be a great OEM option. Just make sure to get one with 5 bolts on the turbine outlet. Do that and it will be compatible with Aftermarket Garrett T25s as well as a lot of OEMs. I think those turbos should be easy enough to find in the future.
I used to love DSM turbos and still run them but their smaller turbos like T25 13T 14b etc are getting more rare and will continue to since they haven't been on any car for a couple decades.
Another decent option for you may be a WRX TD04-13T. There aren't as many options for upgrading but it should make plenty of power for your goals, will spool hella fast and they should be plentiful and cheap for some time to come.


The little turbo pushed the 1.8l to 140-150 zone, something in the area I'm thinking of. Just a little help to get up a steep hill. Since we have the AFM, would recirculating bypass system be best? I have an S/C BOV at my disposal.
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Yeah recirc is definitely best. If you are only running a few PSI venting to atmos doesn't seem to mess things up bad but it's not ideal.
Or you can do like the MR2OC SW20 guys and run without BOV.
I wouldn't use the GZE ABV. First it's super big and clunky but it's also designed for a different purpose and may not work right for a turbo. If you are on a budget try to find a first gen DSM metal BOV.


Wow,  I think this thread was made just for me.

Here's a pic of my twincharged, 20 valve 4ag AE86,

and the build thread

Here's a pic or two of of my compound turbo 1JZ AE86.

and the build thread.

Yes, twincharging works...  I get boost in the white car as soon as the supercharger kicks on at 75% throttle, and then the turbo spools up extremely quickly when the supercharger is on.  The datalogs show 19 psi at 4000 rpm

It runs mid-14 second 1/4 mile times, and is only 1/2 second slower than the 1JZ car when it had stock turbos.

The blue car runs, but has not been to a track with the big turbos yet.  When the car was almost finished, both tracks by me closed.  I had nowhere to run it.  One has opened up again, so I'm working on it again.  More electronic stuff to do, eventually it will get to a track.

I'm hoping to get boost from the small turbo at low speeds, then both at high speed.

If that doesn't work, there's a nitrous bottle in the trunk.



Thank you for joining and for posting. Really cool stuff you've got going on! I will check out your build threads in a bit-

Mid 14-sec at > 13 psi? Need more rear tires? :headscratch:



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Quote from: BigMike on May 29, 2015, 09:55:38 PM

Thank you for joining and for posting. Really cool stuff you've got going on! I will check out your build threads in a bit-

Mid 14-sec at > 13 psi? Need more rear tires? :headscratch:


No, it needs better breathing on the exhaust side.   A cheap header, crushed exhaust bends, 6 feet of pipe between the head and the turbo, a catalytic converter and a street muffler all add up to high exhaust backpressure.  I have already had to upgrade my valvesprings because backpressure was opening my exhaust valves.  HP peaks at 6000 rpm, instead of 7600 or so where the 20v should.  I'm convinced it's because of backpressure.  Midrange is pretty good. :)

I'm not going to upgrade it because it is quick enough, quiet and would just break parts with more power.