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It's Official! Our team theme for the LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza will be....

Little Duece Poupé

Here are some ideas for this AWESOME theme:

* Swril Poop Hats

* Stick pieces of corn and peanuts in various locations on the car
* Toilet Paper Streamers - Find some white cloth material that will hold up to two days of flying in the wind

* "We have a plumber and we know how to use him"
* "The plumber knows where it goes"
* Out house vent pipe exhaust

* "Occupied" latches mounted somewhere

"Joke" Bribes for the judges:

* A bunch of Baby Ruth bars

* Fudge Logs

* Cans of Corn

* Peanuts

We could put bizarre toilet signs on the car:


Bill has been coming up with some good lines for the theme. I wrote them down at home, here are a couple that I can remember right now:

"We can leave skid marks in all gears"

"All of our other theme ideas were crap"

"We're gonna drive the shit out of the car"

I didn't think those hats existed... now that I've seen them, I'm not so sure I want to wear one!  Too far?

Where can we bet the hats?


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