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how do we attach the rear sway bar. do we have to make threads into the unibody any attach mounts to the rear struts?

Are there any rubber plugs in the rail where the sway bar would mount to the frame?

The bolt holes for the bushing mounts already exist in the frame. They did in my 1987, no drilling or tapping required.

The only other snag is that some struts do not have the end link mount, so we'll need to either swap in different strut housings or weld on some tabs for the end links.

This happened to Bryan when we installed a rear bar on his car: Rear struts missing end link provision.
But on my car, it was a 100% bolt in operation. I just got lucky that my rear struts had the mounts already.


Got that covered. The struts I was going to cut for the FX16 have the sway bar tabs. I think we should use the sway bars I took to Kevins. Just paint them black.

What bars did you deliver? Do you have a stock rear MK1 bar already?


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