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Cool Endurance video showing coolant and oil temps of various cars


This is a long watch but well worth it.

Running an oil cooler really makes a difference!

@ 18:25
Hattorisan says, "I think things wear out in the order of tires, brakes, then the driver."

@ 19:33
Most fuel efficient while racing was the Integra-R at 5.6 MPG, and the worst was the EVO at 4.2 MPG. hahahah wow

From 19:43 to 23:39
The drivers discuss each car how it did with the engine temps, brake fade, and tires wearing out. Lots of really cool pics of the tires and a lot of great discussion of how each car did.

@ 22:40
"In the end, a car must be light to be fast."

edit: I am updating this post with things from the video I find interesting. So far I've only watched up to 22:40


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