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Aftermarket springs for the car

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I was thinking.... A set of performance springs can't be more than $100 used.

I looked around and found this set of Intrax springs for $100-

Click here for Craigslist page: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/1700058516.html

I understand they lower the MR2 quite a lot, but that is for a 2400 pound car. Maybe with our car weighing under 2000 pounds they will ride more like the Suspension Techniques springs?

But anyway, I just wanted to point out that we could get a set of "real" performance springs and I'm sure we could fit this into our budget. Also, remember all we have to do is print out a paper to show proof of the purchase and I can easily modify the price to read whatever we want, $70 maybe, it just needs to be reasonable.

So what do you guys think? What if we find a set of used Suspension Techniques springs and add it to the budget for about $50 - $70? Do you guys think this would eat up too much of the budget? If aftermarket springs make the car handle "that" much better, then our cornering speeds would increase, tires may last longer, many benefits....I think the cost-to-benefit ratio is FAR better than just chopping stock springs.


INTRAX had 3 levels of springs for the MR2. 1 was a lowered street, just for looks spring. Still slightly stiffer than stock @ 10%.  1 was lowered, but slightly stiffer progressive rate. 1 was rediculous and made the car bouncy. Actually, I believe they wrer all progressive. As long as the rates aren't rediculous, go for it. If need be, we can adjust the ride height by cutting the spring perch and welding it on at an adjusted height. Would require a little lathe work for a clean cut. Hey Mike, you are becoming more and more valuable as this thing progresses.

Hey, the springs are purple!! they came with the car! Duh.

Bill, what coil-over options are their for my car? Perhaps I'll buy some coil-overs and then I'll donate my ST springs to the Lemons car. Hell, at that rate, I could just donate my entire strut assembly including my Tokiko Illumas to the Lemons car. That would be tough to convince the judges since they are adjustable struts... Man that would be SWEET, we could adjust the struts to suite each driver's driving style!

My plans for coil over set are the TODA Fightex system. You name you spring rates. Get the total, front, and rear weights of your car. withthe spring rates, and weights they can valve your struts. struts are adjustable both bound and rebound. Totally rebuildable and tunable. Only problem, PRICE, BIG PRICE, nearing $2000 mark. Other than that, there are some out there available under $1000. Then you have Ground Control sets. $400 gets you sleeves, and springs at the rates you choose. I have these on my 2 at front rate of 300lbin and rear rate of 650lbin. Then you buy the struts of your choosing, mine are Koni. Either way you go, $1000-$2000 for struts. Oh yeah, you adjustable shocks are a LOT harder to hide than a new set of nonadjustabe inserts. I do like a chalenge though.


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