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600cc V8 engine


My classmate who is the lead builder/designer of our school's Formula SAE Car sent me this link:

The only rules for the Formula SAE car is that the engine can't exceed 610cc and it must have a throttle restrictor plate with a 20mm diameter. Most teams run a Honda 600RR motorcycle engine, but this team said "screw that" and built this IN HOUSE on a 5 axis CNC mill

Here are some pictures from the above page:

restrictor plate. This had to really limited the power output sadly...


I want one

How do I get to the pictures or info on the original posting for this?


--- Quote from: TheEquineFencer on April 02, 2015, 03:35:34 PM ---How do I get to the pictures or info on the original posting for this?

--- End quote ---
Hello TheEquineFencer!

Hmmm, yeah the link and image URLs are dead... Okay, I just tried the Wayback machine and it has some good hits I think. Try this link,*/, and then try some dates from a few yrs past.

I tried the June 20 2014 date and it loads thumbnails but not the full size images: Maybe some older copies of the site have full size pics, or, maybe you can try a reverse Google Image search on the thumbnails to see if they were mirrored anywhere before being removed.


Ok I did a few reverse image searches (I use this Extension with Firefox to make this reallllly simple to do: and came up with a few hits:

It's listed towards the bottom of

Machining process shown here

I only did a reverse search on four images (2 found, 2 not found), but you get the idea.



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