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Bill's Suspension Mods


Bill has the following great suspension ideas:

Get some Supra springs from a wrecking yard. They have a higher spring rate than the Corolla springs, and we can chop the Supra springs down a bit to lower the car 1" or so.

I already have plans to modify the strut tubes as they are not the type with a nut to enable cartridge replacement. If we lower the car we'll want a shorter cartridge. Shorter stroke. Need to find dimensional listings on available shocks. Parent vehicle weight, performance level( a GTS has a better performance valving than an SR5, etc.).
Sway bars......
We could do the old school drifter trick of using 2 stock sway bars. Just need to devise a way to link then together. A hard plastic like Delrin with a steel strap maybe?
We could get black urethane bushings, Bead blast the hell out of them to make them not look like urethane, blah blah.

Need to look at the steering knuckles on power and non power steering. Which never is shorter will give a better steering response. Also check out lock to lock on other racks that would fit. Go cart steering anyone?


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