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Here is the story on the FX16:

We will buy it from his daughter-in-law for $200.

We'll flatten the tires and put it out in ditch bank, dump some oil all over the engine and take some pictures of it all nasty and ugly, like it's been there for a couple of years, etcetera...

Then we'll all have the same story that when we got the car home and pulled the valve covers, it had some aftermarket cams and when we pulled the engine out it had a light weight flywheel already.

I have a 9lb flywheel, cams, springs, big throttle body, headers, small port head and manifold. I would prefer using the small journal crankshaft, but I have a set of con-rods from a silvertop 20v. I might consider using my wiseco pistons too. Can we make a 140-150 hp engine?? Looking on e-bay, I found an OBX(Pronounced china cheep) LSD. Helical gear torque sensing type. Trying to get an idea of what torque split it has. About $400 shipped. 
With the exception of the LSD, these are items I'm considering donating to the cause.

Team quote:

Power is nothing without control
Control is nothing without aggression
Aggression is nothing without power

Suggestion for car theme

Make the thing look like it's held together with bailing wire and duct tape. With loose pieces of tape flying around like streamers. Drill series of 1/16" holes to pull wire through to make it look like the car is stitched together with wire.
Paint a big bright yellow YEE HAW  on the sides and hood of the car.

Car #246

Might be able to get monetary assistance somewhere down the road from the union hall. Plumbers local #246.


Paint car like a tortoise............ With a bright yellow YEE HAW on the hood and sides of the car. Dragging a set of large stuffed rabbits (hares) feet under the car.

Marlin Crawler Lemon Racer would be pretty cool ;D

Regarding 140-150 HP, I plan on running a MicroSquirt stand-alone ECU that retains all factory sensors....I know you guys are familiar with MegaSquirt, well this is the smaller version which is so small we can fit it into the stock 4A-GE Toyota ECU housing:

Look how small it is!

I can easily stash that into this, using all factory Toyota plugs and wiring:

And just yesterday I stopped by Precision Auto Customs, right down the street from Marlin Crawler, owned by my very good friend Justin who was trained by Shelby and has his own Dyno Jet, and he has lots of experience with Mega and MicroSquirt and has all the software to do all the dyno tuning.

I am immediately going to do this with my 4A-GZE for my MR2 so everything will look stock and yet it will be fully dyno-tuned, so we could do this for the FX16 as well. I really doubt the judges have time to open up ECU boxes, and even if they did we could mount it upside down or put Toyota stickers on it, or put security paint on the screws so it looks like it has never been opened, whatever.

Then we could get it tuned on the dyno. We can set the rev limit, the idle speed, anything. So for the brick-throttle test we could limit the rpm to 7,400 or so (I'm sure they'll be looking at the tach) and for the race we can set it to 8,000 rpm.

Whatta ya think?

Regarding the MicroSquirt, I have created a thread called Engine Management to continue the discussion there.


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