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new car... build date


ok everybody we are scrapping the white car and going with bigmikes donor car for the race and we decided to have a build up weekend
monster garage style. we need as many people there as possible to make sure everything gets done. ok whos in?
July 16,17,18 mark your calenders
ps red donor car is in much much better condition

I'm in. We will be doing this at Marlin Crawler, Inc.

We really won't start until Saturday evening (the 17th) and will work until we get too tired (I'll go all night baby) and then work all day Sunday as well.


I'll have to play it by ear, but plan on me being there. Suspension, and engine? Or is Kevin going to have the suspension done?

im thinking of just putting the old crappy left front hub and crappy wheels on the white car and pushing it out and pushing the red one in to my garage. i dont think theres much to salvage except for engine and trans and axles. maybe if some of the suspension is done than doing the complete build later wont be so painful

I need to get the red car out of here as soon as possible. Chris had a talk with me yesterday and he wants it gone.

All I need is a date really, just something to tell him. How about this Sunday Kevin?


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