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Toyota V-series V160 / V161 2jzge swap


V160 Ratios:

    * First gear: 3.827:1
    * Second gear: 2.360:1
    * Third gear: 1.685:1
    * Fourth gear: 1.312:1
    * Fifth gear: 1:1
    * Sixth gear: 0.793:1


    * May 1993 - August 1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo JZA80 Export Models
    * May 1993 - August 1997 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo JZA80 Japan-Spec Models

V161 Ratios:

    * First gear: 3.724:1
    * Second gear: 2.246:1
    * Third gear: 1.541:1
    * Fourth gear: 1.205:1
    * Fifth gear: 1:1
    * Sixth gear: 0.818:1


    * May 1996 - July 2002 Toyota Supra Non-Turbo JZA80 Japan-Spec Model (SZ-R Grade Only)
    * September 1997 - July 2002 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo JZA80 Japan-Spec Model

While this is a very cost prohibitive swap, I feel that it would be ideal for my chassis (96 sc300) and stock 2jzge.
The 4 speed automatic transmission is anemic at best and chokes the engine completely, stripping away all the fun it could provide.
I have a fairly low mileage (127k) chassis with everything original in very good shape.
I'd like to retain the vehicle and make it a bit more fun to drive.
I've been having fun on highway ramps for the past 2 years, but I feel the biggest shortcoming of this car is the automatic transmission.
I'm afraid that I might have to settle for a 5 speed swap instead, because the V160 and V161 swap in hardware only will cost more than the value of the vehicle itself.

Let's hear what the gear-heads on this forum have to say.

If you can settle for a 5spd, you could always use a R154 using a 1JZ bellhousing to mount it to your 2JZ engine. This is what a LOT of Drag Racing Supra customers of ours do (yes, we build transmission for Drag Supras!!)

Here is our Race R154 that we sell to Supra owners. This has the 1JZ bellhousing that fits the 2JZ:
Product link:

and here is our Competition 2WD R150 transmission rebuild:
Product link:

The gear ratios are as follows:
1st gear2nd gear3rd gear4th gear5th gearR1543.2501.9551.3101.0000.753R1503.8302.0621.4361.0000.838
We haven't put both feet in the Supra market yet, and still there are a lot of people talking about our Short Throws and upgrade parts for Supra transmissions.

We have a lot of upgrade parts for these...

Heavy duty center plates:

Heavy duty billet shift fork:

Heavy duty shifter seats:

Heavy duty shifter sockets:

Heavy duty output seals:

Heavy duty pressure plate bolts:

Short throw kits:

Going to have to change the company to Marlins Performance Gear.

Oh yeah, we also offer Chromoly thrust washers that are not on the website at the moment


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