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What roads have you driven, or want to drive?

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Any favorite raods you've driven and would suggest to others. Like Hecker pass(been about 20 years since I've even seen this road).  Used to be a fun road. I was told to try 41 off 46 after Cholame. I like the short drive up the hill to my house. Burrough valley road can be a LOT of fun if noone else is there. Watts Valley, Maxon Sample to tollhouse. These are my daily commute.  Millerton road between 168 and Auberry is an absolute blast. Take a drive all the way around Pine Flat resevoir. Let's see where we've been and where we want to go.

I've always wondering what George Smith Rd/Mistletone Rd/Sand Creek Rd is like between Squaw Valley and Miramonte

Also check out Blackrock Rd just north of Block Rock Reservoir. I wonder if that is a dirt road. Look at it near the GPS coordinates of 36.94312, -119.0137, or by clicking here. Can you say SWITCH BACKS???

Also, a friend from the Toys-4-Fun club and also a member on our Marlin Crawler forum told me about the road connecting Patterson to San Jose.

Take a look at this one:,-121.190186&geocode=FeKROQIdivu9-A%3BFTrGOQIdVt-_-A%3BFVCMOgId7TPC-A%3B&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=2&mrsp=3&sz=10&sll=37.514083,-121.459351&sspn=0.783198,1.229095&ie=UTF8&ll=37.381616,-121.47789&spn=0.451221,0.891953&z=11

Apparently this is the tallest peak in the area and there is an observatory up there.

Here is a Wikipedia page for this:

Apparently it's a REALLY GREAT road, and beings how I am visiting SJ often, I am quite anxious to try it. But I wanted to get some seat time in the MR2 to make sure it's ready. I'd hate to break down up there 4 hours from home

Drove to Atascadero to see the kid and go fishin'. Tried 41 between 46 and Atascadero. A lot of the road can be fun! Sections of undulating curves and even a low speed turn( 15mph signed, yeah right) A decent mid range cruise road with some fun sections. Doesn't seem like a highly traveled road for the CHP, I think they keep to 46. Traffic is light but slow, easy to get around. Like to hear one of Mikes reviews on this one.

Were you in the Mazada?


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