A quick page regarding my removed hood dishes...

Hood with 
Hood without dishes
This is just a quick follow up of the information found at quick NA cooling mods and pictures found at the original pictures page.

Basically, back when I did this, I noticed approximately 10 - 15 degree difference with the dishes cut out. That was back when I had my NA engine and I had my thermometer monitoring ambient under-the-hood temps. Although I am not monitoring these ambient temps any more, I can at least feel a much warmer temperature under the hood of my 4A-GZE compared to the 4A-GE setup. So what I really want to do asap, is cut the hood out and weld on some more vents, etc. Proving this allegation is when driving w/out my hood, the intercooler piping is cooler to the touch.

Here are a couple more pictures..
Hood open revealing no dishes.
Hood closed. Notice the darkness of the vents.

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