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WebCam Racing Cams
WebCam offers five differnt Cam profiles for our 4A-G heads.
.322 244 218 294 Increases overall power.
.350 250 228 101 Increases mid and upper RPM power. Fair idle.
.384 276 240 119 Good overall power for off-road racing. Needs new springs and tappets.
.395 284 256 110 Strong mid and upper end power. Need new shims, tappets, and springs.
.398 257 226 286 Designed for off-road and stadium racing. Needs new springs, tappets.
Grind's #294 and #101 do not require addition modifications to the valve train making them quite popular. I chose grind #294 to retain a smooth idle. But I have heard of some incidences where the 101's did not effect the idle on our superchargers.
#294 taking a nap
My pal Stephen Gunter at Gunter Automotive has the following DYNO sheets for the two popular WebCam's.

This Dyno sheet for the grind #101 was recoreded on a 4A-GE. It shows a 6.6 horsepower gain at 7,200 rpm with gains recorded only above 5,900 rpms. apprx.
While this Dyno sheet for the grind #294 was recorded on a 4A-GZE, it shows an 8.8 horsepower gain where it powers down at 5,400 rpm. Clearly, had the dyno of this #294 been recorded all the way to 7,500 rpms, then a gain of 15 horsepower might have been observed.
And maybe the #101's show a greater performance increase on a 4A-GZE too.
I have been told many a times that the #101's were a much more powerful cams then the dyno sheet suggests.

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