4A-GZE SC: Pulley: Custom Supercharger Crank Pulley Kit

My Custom Pulley Page.
You have found the very first photos of my custom machined SC crank pulley!!

some pics are thumbnails

Look, but please don't drool!

I had a local machine shop mill down the outer 145mm pulley, and then press on a ring that would create an overall diameter of 170mm. You can see the slight remains of the original pulley right at the set screws.

The belt does not lie as deep in the machined slot as it does in the A/C/alternator belt slot, so I figure this pulley to be micro-millameters bigger than the Cusco.

Different Machining Methods

There are several methods that I approached before my final decision. Surely other methods are feasible, but these are the more logical methods. All figures were quoted by my local machine shop.
    $400 For a complete pulley. Metal.
    $375 For a complete pulley. Aluminum.
      The higher price of the Aluminum is canceled out by the ease of machining this material. I was quoted a cheaper price using all Aluminum rather than steel.
    $213 for an oversized, tool-steel, ring that is pressed on to the machined down, original pulley.
I went with the $213 dolor method and have slept good ever since. It also enabled me to keep the factory rubber harmonic balancer...Can't wait to get my engine in!
Small Idler Pulley

I believe this to be the perfect idler pulley..

As you can see from below the A/C pulley on this Toyota FJ60 wagon, the idler pulley is *very* small...!

The Idler Pulley can be found on Toyota's 2F Engine which is a straight 6. This engine is found in a Landcruiser FJ-60 series Wagon, production dates 8/80 to 8/87. The Idler Pulley is located right below the A/C Compressor. Obviously, this pulley may only be found on Landcruisers that have the A/C factory option!

Here is the Table'ed data:
Suggested Retail Price: 20% Dealer Discount: P/N#: Description:
AC Belt Idler Pulley $32.11 $25.69 88440-20060 Pulley-Assembly, Idle

Right now I can only hope that my search for a idler pulley is over..