Flowmaster 2.5" two chamber Exhaust System

Flowmaster Exhaust
My new exhaust system was made and installed at Johny's Muffler. Johny is a private work-alone man who, unlike the jerks who did my last system, does some of the best work with custom exhaust systems here in Fresno.
He did an absolute beautiful job.
At first we were going to fit a single chamber muffler, but it would have been just to loud.
Then I wanted a center-center muffler, but he had to use a offset-center muffler for the sake of space.
And when I came back to pick up my 2, I was very pleased with his work.
Old Bluestreak 24" Glass Pack
Old NA System
New Flowmaster exhaust system
New SC System
My new system replaced my old Bluestreak 24 inch glasspack. It was installed at a different muffler shop, and I hated the system. It only sounded good when the TVIS valves would open up. But it later sounded like SHIT with my Supercharger blowing through it.

The new flowmaster dualchamber 2.5" muffler really opened up alot of backpressure, and made for a better indy-car sound. But I still am not able to hear the deep-throaty sound that a V-Tec engine makes when I expected it to with these Cams.

It is HELLA loud also. Maybe over 110 decibels under WOT, I don't know. Hey, does any one know of a decibel shop here in Fresno?? :)

Stock MR2 Exhaust w/4A-GE 258 KBrev_stock.mp3Very first engine. This is the very first time it ever ran. No ECU was used.
Bluestreak 2" Glasspack w/4A-GE --- KB--need to find the recording I made up some hills when I still had the system.
Bluestreak 2" Glasspack w/4A-GZE--- KB--I don't have a recording of this.
Flowmaster dualchamber 2.5" w/4A-GZE 148 KBrev_hpsi_at_hood_opening.mp3 Recorded from on top of the trunk and the hood opened.
Flowmaster dualchamber 2.5" w/4A-GZE132 KB rev_hipsi_at_exhaust_tip.mp3Recorded from behind the car on the ground. Sure revs quick with the stock NA flywheel!
I recommend WinAmp to listen to the above sound(s).

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