NGK BCP7EV Gold Palladium plugs


After about 54 thousand miles of use, the Toyota Platinum plugs will RIP.

Taking their place are the NGK's Gold Palladium plugs, type BCP7EV.

Another Plug-Pose

NGK Plug Gap
before installation
4 NGK Plugs
When I first installed the NGK's, I set the gap @0.034 inch.
To my disappointment, I did not notice any power increase except for what felt like a minor mid range improvement.

After two weeks of service, I removed the plugs to check if the heat rang was hot enough, and sure enough the plug electrodes were nice and clean signifying that 7 is a good heat range for 13 psi boost. Just look at the old factory platinum plugs and how they were possibly too cold of a plug from the beginning..

After the inspection, I then re-gap'ed the plugs to 0.048 inch.

Since then, gas mileage has improved and all around power is definitely noticeable by me the daily driver.

I have recently ran a 1/4 mile with my G-Tech, and I am avaraging a couple tenths of a second quicker now. But who knows. It could be due to anything...

Factory plug gap
old factory platinum plugs
Toyota Factory 4A-GZE 

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