SplitSecond ARM1 Air/Fuel ratio Meter

As small as your &$#@!
This is my Split Second Air/Fuel ratio meter, the ARM1.
Pretty Small, eh?

Split Second was very good to us and our Group Purchase, and I got my unit the same day I was told.
I have heard good things from Split Second. They have a nice reputation.
Right out of the box...

The Instructions were very detailed, and the installation was very easy. Too bad the wires are so short (mid-engined, doh!) so I had to extend all of the wires that run to my O2 sensor and my to ECU!

Home Sweet 

Above is where it will forever reside. I ran the 12v white wire (dims the LEDs once the dash lights are turned on) to the nearest 12v dash light source, the green light inside of the rear defroster switch. Use the green wire with the orange stripe.
It is very easy and simple to install, and once you know that you are not leaning out under WOT, you never have to look at it again!

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