Autometer Boost Gauge phantom ~30psi

Fresh from the bakery.

"Boost. Its whats for dinner"
Mounted Temporarily
Simple plumbing
I have it temporarily mounted as above. When ever I get the time, I will take a heat gun to my 1988 Ford Mustang single A-Pillar Pod mount to make it fit our MK1s' pillar.
I also need to connect the light so that I can see where it is boosting at in the dark.

It was very simple to install. Just locate the line that dives straight down into the intake manifold.
The instructions show some complicated plumbing procedures, but all I did was find some hose that would fit over my nylon lines, and then snugged the bond with zip ties. I zip tied in the center of the rubber hose to prevent it from expanding under boost. If it would, that I don't know.

I will take a picture of the gauge under full boost some time or another..

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