5ZIGEN 5ZR 16X7" alloy wheels

Picture of wheel taken at the SEMA show
Wheels at the SEMA show [8 spoke]
When I first saved up enough money to even think about new wheels, I had alot of opinions concerning all of the available styles out on the market. But price overtook my opinion of style.

I bought these alloy 5ZIGEN 5ZR's, 16"x7", with a new set of inexpensive BFGoodrich Euro T/A 16x40x205, for only $600. I would rather have bought a 5 of 6 spoke design like those found on Ferraris, but for the price of these 10 spoke wheels, I could not complain.
And once I got them on my car, they looked a whole lot better than I thought they were going to.
Picture of wheel and tire at speed 
Tread pattern

New Wheels Looking 
So about the tires... The fronts lasted about 7,000 miles, and the rears have a good 70% life left. So this just proves that I was lazy and did not get my alignment fixed after I lowered my car. Stupid me.
Performance: I autocrossed with these tires and they SUCK. They would just blow into each and every corner. But I did not have my alignment and/or suspension setup when I last Auto-X'd, so don't take my word for it.
Would I buy again: DEFIANTLY NOT. They are cheap priced tires. Enough said.

Just got my Yokohama A520s! [4.26.00]
A520 Baby! [1]
A520 Baby! [2]
A520 Baby! [3]
Ohh yeah baby! I just got these puppies installed this evening. Once I earn some more dough, I am going to move these 215s to the front, and put some 225s in the rear!

Right now I can't wait to get my clutch broken in so I can remove some of that rubber and find out what these treads are made of!

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