Tokico Illuminas 5-way adjustable strut cartridges

5 adjustments!

These struts are totally awesome. The ability these shocks have to alter the vehicles handling ability is remarkable. And my set has a lot of mileage, maybe 20-25k, and yet they feel just like they did when I got the car on the road for the first time last summer.

For racing, Mo Moscovitz sets his to a level 3 in the front, and a level 5 in the rear, while I prefer a level 5 in the front, and level 4 in the rear. So you can see that it is very much user preferenced! I believe that a stiff front end reduces oversteer while Mo insists that a stiff rear end will reduce oversteer. He might be correct, and while autocrossing, I observe less oversteer with the front end stiffer than the rear.

Here's the catch about these beauties: I bought my car with a blown engine for $350, and it was equipped with a set of Illuminas, and I did not realize it until I got the car back on the road 6 months later.
Thinking back, this humors me greatly. And more so, humors my autocrossing frenzy friend, Bryan Heitkotter.

5 adjustments!, again
So, as Bryan put it, I paid $350 for a used set of Tokico Illuminas, and got a MK1 for free!

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